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For the 2nd year running, Rubicon Red MyST, the market leading DevOps solution for Oracle Middleware has been featured in CIO Review’s annual Oracle Special which identifies the top 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers for 2015.

The final 100 companies was selected from thousands of vendors in this space, by a distinguished panel made up of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIO Review. It covers all aspects of the Oracle enterprises ecosystem, with Rubicon Red just one of four specialized Fusion Middleware solution providers to be selected.

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Rubicon Red

Oracle Fusion Middleware with Cloud Integration

Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) has been a major game changer in allowing organizations to integrate their on-premise applications.

 Nevertheless as organizations increasingly turn to Software as a Service (SaaS), CIOs are facing difficulty in making SaaS work with on-premise applications. “The end service delivered to the customer is not performed by a single system; but rather a patchwork of applications on premise and on the cloud, each one performing a particular business function. It takes effort to get those individual pieces to work in harmony,” says Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red. Offering their clients a range of innovative and market leading cloud and consulting services based around there award winning reference architecture to design, deliver and operate their OFM solutions. “We work closely with our customers to rapidly implement scalable solutions that can continuously be adapted to keep up with the pace of business change,” says Wright.

  With the pursuit of ever shorter development cycle times, DevOps and cloud are gaining mainstream adoption as the preferred delivery and operating models; an example of this trend is the use of cloud for Dev and Test environments due to the flexibility in acquiring and shedding computing resources on demand. Rubicon Red addresses this need through its feature rich offering called MyST which provides a rich DevOps solution for Oracle Middleware. The platform automates the installation and configuration of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, plus the on-going build and deployment of Oracle Middleware code. “MyST is unique, being the only solution to combine concepts of computer aided design and programmable Infrastructure to automate the end-to-end process of designing and provisioning Oracle Middleware,” says Wright.


  A key innovation is how MyST delivers infrastructure independence; enabling users to provision their entire OFM infrastructure effortlessly in a cost-effective manner and offer consistent deployments across all infrastructure types: on-premise and on-cloud.
  Since Rubicon’s solutions are compatible with all major cloud providers, it facilitates the easy migration between cloud service providers without the risk of vendor lock-in when deployed on cloud. These features have attracted a host of companies towards Rubicon’s solutions.

  One such client is the world’s largest metallurgical coal exporter. The resource giant faced challenges pertaining to streamlining their complex supply chain network. Partnering with Rubicon Red, the client has undertaken a transformation of their logistics supply chain using the Oracle Middleware to integrate Business Applications across transportation, logistics, and order management, which helped to effectively meet the supply demands and greatly improve operational efficiency. With Rubicon’s help, the company embarked on a journey to DevOps. Creating a rapid time to release approach to enhancements and minor projects of work. This approach provides the client with a strategic advantage in its ability to be more responsive in delivering new solutions faster, cheaper and more often.

  The firm’s ability to deliver such cutting-edge solutions to clients in many sectors, like energy, can be attributed to the experience gained by the team by the successful completion of many projects over the years. “The key to staying ahead is continuously anticipating customer needs before anyone else, and partnering with our clients to deliver innovative solutions that provide them with a distinct completive advantage,” says Wright.

  Rubicon predicts that the shift to DevOps and a cloud-based architecture will become more pronounced and this will help bring more customers to the firm. “Our ability to offer the same quality of services, irrespective of the cloud-services provider, has placed us at the leading edge of technology,” concludes Wright.

About Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red offers organizations a set of innovative and market leading cloud, devops and consulting solutions for Oracle Fusion Middleware customers. An Oracle Platinum Partner and recognized global leader in Oracle Fusion Middleware, Rubicon Red delivers thought leadership, innovation and unrivaled expertise. Founded in 2009 by two former senior executives from Oracle product management, Rubicon Red is an Oracle Certified SOA and BPM Specialist, and has been awarded the Oracle Fusion Middleware Top Technical Champion APAC on multiple occasions.

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Reduce Risk, Decrease Costs, andSpeed Up Time to Market

Provides the business with a strategic advantage in its ability to be more responsive in delivering new solutions faster, cheaper and more often.

Predictable & Consistent

Predictable & Consistent

MyST will improve predictability, release quality and reduce go-live trauma in the delivery of Oracle Fusion solutions.

Define the target state once, deployed consistently across multiple environments, regardless of who is performing it.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Provision complex Oracle Fusion Middleware environments in minutes not Weeks or Months.

Use less Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) to manage build & deployment processes in less time.

Strong Governance

Strong Governance

Target state is defined once, deployed multiple times in multiple environments.

Version controlled change management delivers strong governance and consistency across all environments