DevOps at BMA Coal

How and why BMA Coal embarked on a journey to DevOps for Oracle Middleware.

Over the last 4 years BMA Coal has undertaken a transformation of their logistics supply chain using the Oracle SOA Suite to integrate Business Applications across transportation, logistics, and order management.

An increasing awareness of driving down the cost and reducing the risk of change, but increase the speed to market, BMA embarked with Rubicon Red on a journey to DevOps for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Creating a rapid time to release approach to enhancements and minor projects of work. This approach reduces the cycle of change from weeks to days and delivers superior release management processes.

The DevOps approach for Oracle Middleware covers all the basic operations across Automated Provisioning, Continuous Build and Deployment and Release Management, notable results include:

  • Fully automated provisioning of Oracle SOA Single Node, Clustered and Stretched Cluster environments.
  • Time to Release reduced to 10 minutes.
  • One-click Release Management, over 300 tasks automated using MyST.

With Rubicon Red’s MyST, BMA are able to provision a highly complex Oracle SOA Environment at the push of a button. BMA has significantly increased confidence in each release’s production readiness.


Consistent with other Rubicon Red MyST customers, what was once a resource intensive and highly error prone process has been transformed into one that is automated, predictable and low risk.

To find out more, download the BMA Coal Case Study

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Reduce Risk, Decrease Costs, andSpeed Up Time to Market

Provides the business with a strategic advantage in its ability to be more responsive in delivering new solutions faster, cheaper and more often.

Predictable & Consistent

Predictable & Consistent

MyST will improve predictability, release quality and reduce go-live trauma in the delivery of Oracle Fusion solutions.

Define the target state once, deployed consistently across multiple environments, regardless of who is performing it.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Provision complex Oracle Fusion Middleware environments in minutes not Weeks or Months.

Use less Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) to manage build & deployment processes in less time.

Strong Governance

Strong Governance

Target state is defined once, deployed multiple times in multiple environments.

Version controlled change management delivers strong governance and consistency across all environments